Symposium ‘De duistere kant van historische verlichting’

Programma: 13:30 – 14:00           Inloop 14:00 – 14:10           Welkom 14:10 – 14:20           Opening 14:20 – 14:45           Rienk Visser van het NSVV In de loop van de tijd zijn verschillende lichtbronnen toegepast, elk met hun eigen voor en nadelen. Beide worden nader...


Selectie voor lezing Stichting Ebinist Symposium’12

Reproduction and Reconstruction In Furniture Conservation: The Conservation The Conservation ‘Restoration’of a William and Mary high-back open arm chair. (Pending selection) This object of considerable historic importance was presented to me in a dire condition. The chair had extensive woodworm damage; was covered in gloss paint, all critical construction...


Research of a Boulle object, part 1

This object is something that I was given to assess for treatment towards the end of the spring term. I will be restoring it over the summer. I have put a little bit about the history and design of the object below: This Boulle object is almost identical to...